THE FIRST FULLY inclusive beauty marketplace. A social venture aiming to change the narrative in what beauty means.

We aim to disrupt traditional beauty barriers and build a new approach to beauty that’s inclusive and accessible for all. To do this, we created a marketplace where all skin types, sizes, colors, gender expressions, abilities and disabilities are represented. We give anyone the chance to be beautiful, to redefine what it means. To forge their own path.

Our founders’ love for social impact brought- Diamond who came by the ways of being a celeb makeup artist, and Lidia came by the ways of being a mental health advocate- together to create social change and inspire positive global conversations. They saw first hand the lack of diversity and inclusivity within beauty. 

As a result, we created  Pothos Beauty- the trusted marketplace- for all things beauty. From skincare, to makeup to hair, we provide a one-stop digital destination where cosmetologists can sell their products directly to their supporters – no middle-man or bad service included. Pothos Beauty offers a place where every voice can be heard, and every story can be told. Shop the collections curated by people like you and me, featuring the best products from small artisan brands to big name brands.