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We interviewed a series of impact heroes and humans we vibe with and asked them about their lives during quarantine! We dug into beauty means to them and what they learned from this crazy year. They are some of the dopest people you’d ever meet and we think you should meet them too!

What is your name?
Chloe Nawn

What do you do?
Content creator, writer, ingredient nerd & product junkie

What are your social media handles?

ig: @glowbelll
Tell us about one thing you are working on?
I’m currently working on a number of beauty articles to pitch and toying with the idea of starting a more formal blog! One articles I have in the works is a piece on up-and-coming brands that meet my standards for quality ingredients and align with my values in terms of inclusivity and overall brand ethos. Another article I’m in the process of doing research for revisits various brand promises made a few months back following the Pull Up or Shut Up challenge which called for transparency in the beauty space & exposed the lack of diversity both in the internal structures of beauty companies and their product ranges. My first love has always been writing, and my dream would be to make a career fusing my degree in journalism with my love for beauty & desire for change in the industry.

How has time spent inside during quarantine changed you as a person? Do you feel these changes would have happened without quarantine?

I have learned a lot about my habits (both good and bad) over the quarantine. While I’m fortunate I do my best work in isolation, I also have gained a deep appreciation for establishing routines such as maintaining a habitual sleep schedule & setting boundaries for myself within the home to separate work from leisure. Otherwise, I have noticed I can slip in to bad patterns of giving myself too much free time. I’m still navigating this today, but I definitely appreciate structure more.

What’s something underrated that you feel needs more recognition by society?
Public defenders, sunscreens without a white cast and gut health.

Quarantine helped us spend more time with ourselves, what makes you feel beautiful during COVID times?
I feel my best when I dress as if I’m not just sitting in my apartment all day. It is another way to remind myself that although I am stuck at home, I am still responsible for being a productive member of society, and looking the part helps reinforce that. That line can get muddled for me if I’m just changing from one pair of sweats to another.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is a way to build and express confidence.

If there was one thing (product, place or person) that you could not live without, what would it be? Why?
My dog Stella & Krave Beauty The Beet Shield.

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