Pothos Beauty Interviews: Meet Natalie Barbu! (Youtuber, Podcaster, Business Owner) - Pothos Beauty

We sat down with a series of impact heros and humans we vibe and asked them about their lives during quarantine! We dug into beauty means to them and what they learned from this crazy year!! They are some of the dopest people you'd meet! We think you should vibe with them too! 


What is your name?

Natalie Barbu

What do you do? 

Youtuber, Podcaster, Business Owner

What are your social media handles?


Tell us about one thing you are working on?

I am working on growing my social media agency and working on an app to make it easier for brands and influencers to plan their content!

How has time spent inside during quarantine changed you as a person? Do you feel these changes would have happened without quarantine?

It has made me more content with the moment. I don’t plan ahead as often anymore. I used to always be looking forward to what’s next, but I’m happy where I am today.

What’s something underrated that you feel needs more recognition by society.

Working on something (even if it isn’t successful). We seem to only praise success or when people make it, but there’s so much to appreciate about someone just starting and in the process of building it.

Quarantine helped us spend more time with ourselves, what makes you feel beautiful during COVID times? 

My strength! I used to workout to look a certain way, now I’m just thankful to move my body and even if it’s for 10 minutes a day, I feel really beautiful while doing it.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means confidence and individuality.

If there was one thing (product, place or person) that you could not live without, what would it be? Why?

A good moisturizer. Nothing is worse than feeling dry all day long 😂

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